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MODULE 6 Industry Applications

Chapter Overview

In this module, blockchain technology in the context of manufacturing (i.e., supply chain management and resource responsibility) will be examined. Furthermore, blockchain technology in the energy sector (i.e., the energy-sharing economy and exemplary use cases) will be subject of this module.

Learning Objectives

After the first module, you should be able to:

  • Explain how blockchain technology can be used in synergy with other technologies for data management (i.e., IoT, AI).
  • Understand how blockchain technology can enable resource responsibility through tokenization.
  • Argue concrete ways in which blockchain can improve the energy-sharing economy.
  • Explain exemplarily how the roles of stakeholders involved in the energy-sharing economy will change from a legal and task-distribution standpoint with blockchain-based systems.
  • Detect potential risks regarding the introduction of blockchain technology in industry applications.
  • Reiterate one specific use case for a blockchain industry application in the energy sector.
  • Gain a critical view of the Bitcoin energy consumption.
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