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Audit and Framework


Although still a nascent technology, blockchain’s properties of immutability, security, decentralization and trustlessness herald a new era of digital innovation with compelling use-cases in many sectors of the economy including finance, insurance, retail, industry, healthcare, logistics and public administration.

The objective of the Generation Blockchain Audit and Framework is to raise awareness regarding the current state of Blockchain education within Higher Education Institutes across Europe and to develop a comprehensive outline which will empower and assist lecturers teaching business, management and economics related subjects.

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While issues remain including blockchain’s energy consumption, scaling and speed challenges, privacy concerns, and regulatory uncertainty, the prospect of faster transactions at reduced cost, enhanced transparency and accountability, and smart-contract enabled conditional relationships facilitate new models of business, society, organization, and governance.

Blockchain is under continuous evolution and we have not yet fully explored the limits of its applications.

If you are interested in learning more about the existing offering across Europe or you want to begin to implement blockchain education within your classroom take a look at our innovative audit & framework below!

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