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Bachelors Curriculum

This course gets learners started with blockchain technology on a solid foundation by providing a 360-degree overview of its evolutionary journey, key concepts, standards, technological building blocks, use cases and real-world examples. The Bachelor’s course curriculum takes approximately 30 hours to complete (counting only the required materials). This includes the highly suggested study activity materials in chapter five of the Facilitator’s Guide marked as mandatory) and the Bachelor’s curriculum including the videos and podcasts referred to in the curriculum itself as the foundation of the course. The Bachelor's study path is geared toward students that want to learn about the business-angled side of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is arriving at the core of how businesses operate and are set up. This course provides management and business students in their bachelor’s study cycle with a comprehensive overview about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Topics covered include the history of blockchain technology and digital money with a focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Different application areas of blockchain as a technology such as financial and industrial use cases will be covered. The legal and regulatory landscape will be examined and students will be introduced to the fundamentals of programming smart contracts. As blockchain solutions differ greatly from previous means of data storage and transaction processing, it is crucial for students in the 21st century to understand how this new technology works in comparison with technologies of the past.

Suggested learning activities and voluntary studies listed in the Facilitator'sGuide are to be seen as voluntary add on as chosen by the facilitator or the students and are neither specific to the Masters or Bachelor’s curriculum.

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